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Interested in studying abroad, but not sure where to study? Our knowledgeable education counselors can help. 

Book your free appointment with one of our skilled education counselors today.

With so many courses and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be a daunting task. IDP Education’s experienced counselors are experts at understanding your study goals and finding the course that best matches your study goals.

Our team is backed by a sophisticated knowledge matching system that contains all the latest information on our 600 partner universities and institutions.

IDP Education provides personal advice that is tailored to meet your needs. The topics covered in your first consultation may include:

  • your education and experience, interests, timelines, budgets and career goals
  • an overview of the education system in the countries you prefer
  • information and advice on appropriate courses
  • explanation of the entire application process
  • an overview of the student visa process
  • an invitation to attend an upcoming event to meet representatives of our partner universities and institutions

Submitting your university application

Your IDP Education counselor will submit your application on your behalf.

IDP Education’s 80 offices around the world will supply the institution course application documents and institution program guides.
Our experienced counselors are here to help you compile your application and certify the supporting documents.
We can then take care of sending your application to your university or institution of choice.

You may be invited to meet education institution representatives who will assess your application and determine your eligibility for the course. You may also have the opportunity to discuss course structures and graduate outcomes in our education seminars.

Response from the institution

You will receive a response from the institution within 4-8 weeks of your application being submitted. When an institution offers you a place in a course, you will receive an offer letter. In some cases, education institution representatives are able to assess your eligibility for the course and print an offer letter during your interview at our office or at one of IDP Education’s many international student events throughout the year.


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